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AI Smart Scanner - Log your foods 5x faster with AI

At Oatsy, we believe that calorie tracking should be easy and fun, and we understand it can be time consuming to log your meals everyday - manually entering all the foods your ate.

Therefore this month, we introduce to you Oatsy AI Smart Scanner - a better way to enter your calorie intake. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can now log foods 5x faster than before!

Simply snap a picture of your meal, and the smart scanner will recognize all the ingredients in your meal. The scanner has a high accuracy, and recognizes over 1,000 common food products. Save time with AI Scanner so you keep track of your nutrition intake, while getting back more me time.

Invite your friend to download and sign up for Oatsy, and unlock smart scanner for free today!

Oatsy Team

* Note: Smart Scanner & the referral program is only available for iOS at the moment. We are working on the Android version.

* If you referred a friend to the Android app, please contact support and we will grant you access to the scanner

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