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Introducing Oatsy Premium - Advanced features for less price

All features in the free version will remain free forever, Oatsy Premium unlocks additional features for the best tracking and nutrition experience

Our team started the journey to bring you with the best calorie tracking experience. We strongly believe that essential nutrition info shouldn't be hidden behind expensive subscriptions. And we did that! We presented to you the Oatsy app, the first app that gives comprehensive breakdown all of your nutrition info for free, whether it is calories data, macro, or micro. Not to mention food recommendations, recipes, and diet plans.

As our journey continue, we want to bring you with something more than food logging - an enjoyable nutrition experience to stay healthy and grow (of course, you still get all the previous awesomeness for free). Today we introduce to you - Oatsy Premium, a premium subscription that unlocks exciting new features at just 10 cents / day.

The free Oatsy app is robust and full of features. Premium makes it even better with AI Scanner, Photo logging, Copy & Paste logs, FitScore and Daily Analysis. These are advanced tools that can take your nutrition experience to the next level.

AI Scanner

It is often time-consuming to log your foods one-by-one, so why not leave it to us? Simply snap a photo of your meal and identify all the ingredients within seconds.

Copy & Paste Meals

For those who meal-prep or eat similar foods, logging the same foods over and over can be painful. That's why we added a Copy & Paste feature to quickly log all the items from a previous meal. Simply select a date, copy, and done!

Daily Nutrition Analysis

You are much more likely to reach your goals when you develop a healthy routine or habit of your eating. In other words, mindful eating! Daily nutrition analysis helps you with exactly that. Every day it gives you a detail analysis of all your activities, so you can succeed.

FitScore Life Score

A monthly life score based on all of your activities. Gives you suggestions on how to improve your health and things you can do better at.

Photo Logging

In a rush and have no time to input your foods? Take a photo to remind yourself what you ate that day.

Are you excited? Get Oatsy Premium now, starting at just USD 10 cents/day. Advance your nutrition journey and hit your goals. Get the Oatsy app and upgrade to premium now!

Have suggestions? Let us know what features you want and we will add it for you!

To your health and happiness,

Oatsy team

All features in the free version will remain free forever, Oatsy Premium unlocks additional features for the best tracking and nutrition experience. For those who unlocked advanced features through the referral program, your access to these features will remain valid.

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