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Barcode scanner, Custom food - Latest Features Nov Edition

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

We are constantly adding new features to the Oatsy app to bring our customers the best experience in their nutrition journey.

There are a ton of amazing features introduced to the app in November 2020. Let us know which is your favorite!

1. Barcode scanner

It's easy to pick up food as you go throughout the day, but inputing in all the nutrition info can be a hassle. That's why we have added a neat barcode scanner to the add food screen. Simply point your camera to the barcode and ta-da - it's in your food diary! And rest assured we got your food covered - from a selection of 800,000 grocery items.

2. Custom macro goal

In addition to the existing meal plans Oatsy provides - Balanced Diet, Fasting and Keto - we've added a way to set your own macro goals. This gives you more flexibility.

3. Custom food combo

Everyone has a secret recipe. Now you can add your own food to list. Or if you have a certain food combination, you can also add to the list!

That's all the updates we got for this month! If you have any features that you like in particular, let us know below and we will make it happen! After all, Christmas is around the corner and dreams are meant to be fulfilled.


Oatsy App Team

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